Statement of Quality Commitment

Monday, September 19, 2016

Superior quality has always been the goal at Pathealth Labs, LLC. To fulfill customers' expectations for high quality products, Pathealth continues to upgrade its quality control facilities and processes. Using modern equipment and professional personnel, they have made a commitment to continued excellence in product quality.

Pathealth is dedicated to providing the freshest and purest botanicals. They strive to offer only those vegetables, herbs and spices with verified quality.

Purchasing Expertise
Pathealth’s quality begins with the knowledge and experience of their raw material suppliers from around the world. They purchase vegetables, herbs and spices from domestic growers and also import products from over 15 countries. Direct purchasing ensures that the integrity of their products is consistent and the finest quality available. Their buyers are botanical and herb experts, who work closely with their quality control staff, before and after the products arrive, to continually monitor their raw materials. They audit all suppliers yearly to assure they meet their GMP requirements.

Controlled Processing
Our manufacturers’ and vendors’ integrated, modern milling, blending, and packaging facilities give them total control in providing the correct particle size for cut and powdered vegetables, herbs and spices. Thorough inspection and cleaning during the milling process ensures that the finished product will meet their stringent specifications for quality and cleanliness. At each stage of production, their quality control staff inspects and approves each product before it is allowed to proceed to the next process.

Laboratory Analysis
Pathealth utilizes independent laboratories to guarantee their analyses are complete. They provide a complete product analysis, quickly and efficiently, with validated analytical procedures and state of the art equipment.

Testing includes: Organoleptic analysis for aroma, color, flavor and texture. Physical testing involves moisture, volatile oil content, heavy metals, microbiology, thin layer chromatography, and other tests specific to each vegetable, herb and spice.

Retained samples from all shipments are thoroughly tested and compared to their extensive reference library of dried herbs and botanicals to verify authenticity. All lot samples are kept for five years and can be traced for verification.

Pathealth Botanicals Quality Control 
At Pathealth the first priority is quality. To support their customers’ expectations for high quality products, Pathealth has made a commitment to continued excellence in product quality. They believe that quality begins with the knowledge and experience of their raw material suppliers and continues through the production process to the shipment of the finished goods to the customer.

Pathealth's validated quality assurance testing includes: 

  • Organoleptic testing to ensure proper appearance, color, aroma and flavor.
  • Microscopic and Macroscopic inspection for foreign matter.
  • High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) for identification, to verify purity and  authenticity.
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) heavy metal analysis.**
  • Microbiology testing for pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella.
  • Chemical analyses for moisture content, volatile oil, ash and acid insoluble ash.

    **ICP-MS offers a very sensitive, specific and reproducible way to determine heavy metal concentration in a wide variety of products. It can identify and quantify each metallic impurity with high sensitivity; and can be used to test for the entire Periodic Table in one analysis. ICP detection limits for most elements are in the part-per-million (ppm) range.


Pathealth has a full allergen prevention program and have implemented tight controls in their manufacturing processes to prevent cross-contamination of their products with allergens.

Pathealth’s Environmental Dedication to Ecological & Social Responsibility

Patheath is committed to selling high quality natural products while preserving the environment. They conduct their business in a way that allows them to maintain their standard of environmental dedication, with commitments to sustainable organic farming and caring for the environment. They make every effort to select ingredients from natural renewable sources and are dedicated to the conservation of plants and the preservation of their natural habitat. They support sustainable wild collection practices to protect species from becoming endangered.

Supporting Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

Certified Organic products are grown and harvested without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals, and offer a more sustainable option for feeding ourselves and our communities. Organic farming practices have many environmental, health, and social benefits. Sustainable organic farming can produce crops without depleting our earth’s resources or polluting the environment. Organic farms can even support higher levels of wildlife; and entire ecosystems and ground water are improved by following organic farming methods. By using organic products which are cultivated in a more sustainable way they can also help maintain biodiversity.

Today you have a choice – you can buy mediocre vegetables, herbs and spices from the many storefronts that have sprung up on the internet, or you can buy higher quality vegetables, herbs and spices from a company that you can trust.


** Unlike many of our competitors, we we have always tested all plant-based products for Heavy Metals and  updated the data in each product description section on this site when needed.


Heavy Metal test result:

Common Name:

Scientific Name:

Part Used:







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